I POST WORLDWIDE: Note that for countries OUTSIDE UK parcels should be kept to a reasonable size. Final box measurements 90cm x 90 x 90. Should the final weight exceed 2kg, the postage cost increases greatly!

A first time customer of engraved glass is often unsure of “how it all works” so here are a few ideas, surmised after taking engraving commissions since 1983.

* IDEAS: Remember there is nothing “standard” about my work, every order is different. As long as I have an idea of what you require I will create something for you.

*THE GLASS BLANK: I have an extensive selection of glass and crystal and as a supplier, if you wish to bring your own glass, you will be charged “customer’s own glass” and you will leave it at your own risk, also not all glass is suitable for what you may want engraved. But do not be put off if you have something particular that you have and would like engraved for one reason or another, just ask.

*ARTWORK & ENGRAVING: This comes in many forms, your photographs, sketches and drawings, weblinks and of course my imagination. As I said, every job is different! Whatever the case, I will ensure that the finished design works in sympathy with the shape of the glass so ev en the most simple engraving is most pleasing to the eye.

Sandblasting is a glass engraving technique in which a fine grit is blasted at exposed areas of the glass in order to frost it. I spend many many hours creating Vector drawing artwork for sandblasting commissions. I use the very latest CorelDraw program and a Wacom Intuos 4. I make a mask of an adhesive film for each glass, using my completed artwork. The mask is destroyed in the process of sandblasting, but I keep the artwork forever so repeat orders are possible, even on different types of glass and different sizes. Sometimes I will need to adapt a large piece of artwork used previously for a decanter, to work on a tiny shot glass and vice versa. complicated adaptation may incur a charge.

In this case (above) I had photographed my clients tiny signet ring with the crest seal, then flipped it (as it was mirror image) and after artwork was complete, flipped it back and engraved it underneath a paperweight.

You can see a selection of sandblasted glass HERE

If your commission involves lettering or a badge, logo or coat of arms, accurate technical drawing or where there will be more than one of the same glasses, then at least part of my glass engraving technique used will be sandblasting. For all other engraving requiring half tones, depth, 3D effect I will be hand engraving with my drills, using diamond, stone and rubber burs. Often both techniques will be combined for the very best effect. From time to time I will also use acid for etching a soft tone.