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Balustrade in RFA Diligence Officers Dining Saloon - Photograph courtesy of Trimline Interiors

All pictures below are taken last century during my time in Zimbabwe

Hand Engraved/Sandblasted/Etched Glass Panel Tipperary's Night Club (Harare). I had been asked to design the main logo "character" . The first large panel went above the main door between the nightclub and dining area. I engraved matching ballustrades for the diningroom and more panels for the second nightclub when it opened.

Tipperary's Night Club, Harare


This was a very large piece of glass which I engraved . Afterwards it was Silvered on the engraved side to make a mirror for a pub, trapping the engraving inside forever. When I collected it the sun was shining through the window onto it and causing this amazing rainbow effect, a magical moment I managed to capture on camera!!

"The Aviators Arms"

Sheraton Hotel, Harare


Private home window panes.Hand engraved flowers of the season outer surface, acid etched house/ garden on the inside of glass

All pictures below are taken last century during my time in Zimbabwe

(note the hair!!)......

Hand engraved sliding door in a private home . Engraved in situ

Hand engraved dark glass shower unit (in private home bathroom en suite)

Hand engraved in situ on private home's pub sliding door

Beer Engine Pub at Cresta Jameson Hotel, Harare, door panels, smaller panels and balistrades, hand engraved and sandblasted. I was asked to design this logo at the start of the project. The beers were brewed on the mezanine floor where patrons could watch from downstaires.

Vunduful houseboat, Kariba, Zimbabwe.

Palm trees on a front door, Zimbabwe.




The Concorde was a magnificent houseboat on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, and whilst I had engraved several houseboats before, this one was the hottest and most amazing experience. The temperature was 40degC ! I had been flown up from Hararae by the owner in his 4 seater Cessna and was given the main suite of the Concorde to stay in with waiters ensuring I was well looked after. In the evening I stood at the front of the boat with my gin and tonic watching a family of hippos playing right in front of me as the sun set over the lake. I cannot put into words how wonderful I felt right then. If only life could always be so beautiful.


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